About Carnaby's - Carnaby's Cafe - Brownieside - Northumberland
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About Carnaby’s


The Haggerston family have farmed the beautiful countryside around Ellingham, Northumberland for almost 400 years, and Carnaby’s is the most recent realisation of a dream that the family have had for a long time, to create a stylish and modern destination eatery in North Northumberland.


Sisters Caroline and Clare envisioned Carnaby’s, sipping coffee at the family dining table one day, and have set about creating a destination café and restaurant as a place where they themselves would like to eat, relax and shop. In keeping with the family tradition, Carnaby’s is a truly family run business, with Caroline’s daughter Amelia running the kitchen and designing the innovative menu, and her sister, Linny, managing the business. The venue is even named in honour of Caroline and Clare’s grandfather, Sir Carnaby Haggerston.


Originally opened in July 2017, Carnaby’s was designed to provide a combination of eating place and retail opportunity for both locals and road-weary travellers. The cleverly designed modern menu transforms wholesome fresh, local produce into high quality, imaginative dishes along with traditional, but carefully prepared, classic fare. A range of top-quality gift items, homeware and fashion is available for sale.


Situated adjacent to the A1, it’s a perfect, modern and airy space to enjoy, with an “industrial chic” ambience and somewhere where the where you can eat, relax and shop. In fact, it’s a destination in itself.